Research line 'Hemophilia, Von Willebrand disease and allied coagulation disorders'

Research line 'Hemophilia, Von Willebrand disease and allied coagulation disorders'

The Van Creveldkliniek holds an international leading position in scientific research in the field of hemophilia, Von Willebrand disease and allied coagulation disorders. This includes innovative therapeutic and gene therapy studies, studies in joint damage, self management and adherence, sports, hemophilia carriers and registries. 

Research includes both studies that are initiated by our researchers and studies that are being performed on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.  An overview of currently active studies at the Van Creveldkliniek is shown in the table below.

StudyPatient populationDescription
ADVANCE-AFHemophilia patients with cardiovascular diseasesRegistry of cardiovascular events in hemophilia patients to determine optimal treatment regimen.
BEGINAdults with severe hemophilia ACross-sectional study to detect sub-clinical joint bleeds and arthritis.
CVDHemophilia A and B patients aged 30 years and olderProspective study with 10 year follow-up  to determine the occurence of cardio-vascular diseases.
DISTRACTIEAdults with hemophilia A and B with severe arthropathy of the ankle Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of ankle joint distraction in hemophilia patients with severe arthropathy of the ankle.
DosEmiHemophiliaPK-guided Hemlibra dose reduction study.
EmiSwitchHemophilia A Biobank for patients who switch treatment to Hemlibra.
e-ExerciseHemophilia A and BFace-to-face physiotherapy intervention integrated with the use of a mobile app.
EUHASSHemophilia A and BEuropean registry to collect concomitant effects of hemophilia 
FRONTIER-2Adolescents and adults with hemophilia ATherapeutic study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of MIM-8, a factor VIII by-passing agent
FRONTIER-3Pediatrics with hemophilia ATherapeutic study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of MIM-8, a factor VIII by-passing agent
Gentherapie BAdults with severe hemophilia BGene therapy study
HOCUS-POCUSHemophilia A and B and Von Willebrand diseaseAdded value of point of care ultrasound
Hope-BAdults with severe hemophilia B Gene therapy study 
HemoNEDAll coagulation disordersDutch registry
HCVAdults with a coagulation disorder with a resolved hepatitis C infectionStudy to the effect of antiviral treatment  
PedNetPediatric hemophilia A and BEuropean registry for  inhibitor development
PHYSNET2Hemophilia A and BPredictors of change in physical functioning.
PRIDESPregnant women with Von Willebrand's disease and hemopilia carriersPregnancy and Inherited Bleeding Disorders Study.
PROFITHemophilia A and BProspective study to immune tolerance induction therapy. 
PRO-RBDDRare coagulation deficiencies including FI and FXIIIEuropean registry.
ResponsivenessHemophilia A and BHAL-questionnaire for hip- or knee replacing surgeries or arthrodesis of the ankle.
XTEND-Kids and XTEND-edChildren with severe hemophilia ATherapeutic study and its long-term follow-up study to the long-half life FVIII product BIVV001.
WiN-ProVon Willebrand DiseaseProspective study on the bleeding tendency in VWD.

Cooperation between physiotherapists in haemophilia treatment centers and primary care - Merel Timmer (World Congres Physiotherapy 2021)

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Do you have any questions about participation in one of our studies? Or do you want to get in touch with one of our researchers? Please feel free to contact the research team of the Van Creveldkliniek. 

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