Participation in scientific research

Participation in scientific research

One of the UMC Utrecht’s core tasks is performing medical scientific research.

There are various ways in which you can participate in medical scientific research.

You are approached by your physician

The physician treating you could ask you to participate in medical scientific research geared towards treating a specific disease. Your physician will provide you with verbal and written information on the research. You can of course always say no. This will not have any consequences for your treatment at the UMC Utrecht.

You approach your physician yourself

Are you a patient and willing to participate in medical scientific research? There might be some scientific research under way that could be of interest to you. You can ask your physician about this. Please find below an overview of the current scientific research being carried out at the UMC Utrecht.

Julius Center database

Usually medical scientific research pertains to the treatment of a specific disease. In that case, we will look for patients who have that disease as well as candidates who do not. The Julius Center (a department of the UMC Utrecht) has its own database. This contains data from potential participants in future medical scientific research. When launching a new study, the Julius Center will select people from this database. The candidates selected will receive an invitation to participate.

As we currently have a sufficient number of participants, registering for the database is no longer possible.

Perhaps you are interested in participating in medical scientific research? It is important to know more about the research prior to making a decision, which is why you will be sent an information letter. You can also put questions to your healthcare provider or to the researchers.

The information letter answer such questions as:

  • What is the objective of the research?
  • How will the research be carried out?
  • What are the pros and cons of participating in the research?
  • What will happen to your data?

Participation is always voluntary. Even once the examination has started, it is always possible to stop without giving reasons. You decision to participate or not participate in research will have no consequences for your treatment at the UMC Utrecht.

  • The medical scientific research we carry out is approved by a medical ethics review committee.
  • We require your consent for you to be included. To this end, you will sign a form.
  • We will make a note of your participation in your patient file. Other physicians at the UMC Utrecht involved in your treatment will then be able to see this.

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