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The research section of the Department of Genetics uses genomics and bioinformatics approaches to understand the genetic basis of disease. Expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure is available for next-generation DNA sequencing, single molecule sequencing, genotyping, metabolomics, bioinformatics and a broad range of model systems, including patient-derived primary cultures, iPS cells, zebrafish and organoid culturing.

Researchers in the section aim to identify and molecularly characterise novel disease-driving mechanisms and focus on orphan diseases, cardiogenetics, neurogenetics, nephrogenetics, congenital disease, metabolic disease, complex syndromal disorders, and cancer. Our research section consists of six pre-clinical and clinical research groups, which are strongly embedded within the UMC Utrecht strategic teams: Child Health, Brain Center, Circulatory Health, and Cancer.

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Dr. Gijs van Haaften The last five years Gijs has established his own research group working on the genetics and biology of orphan diseases with a focus on metabolic disorders.

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Group van Eerde As part of the Centre of expertise on hereditary and congenital kidney disease and urinary tract anomalies, the Nephrogenetics group of the Department of Genetics in the UMC Utrecht contributes to new developments by conducting basal scientific, translational, and clinical research in the field of inherited kidney diseases. 

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Group van Haaften The research group works on the genetics and biology of orphan diseases. We use the latest sequencing technology to identify the causal mutations in rare genetic disorders. Group Ploos van Amstel Group v.d. Boogaard

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