iPSC and Advanced Cardiac Disease Model Facility

iPSC and Advanced Cardiac Disease Model Facility

Within the Regenerative Medicine Utrecht (RMU) the Circulatory Health Lab runs an iPSC facility dedicated to the generation of iPSC lines, various iPSC-derived cardiac cell types, and the development of novel advanced cardiac disease models.

Every year the facility produces several billions of iPS-cardiomyocytes for cardiac tissue engineering studies, disease models and any type of research within and outside the Circulatory Health lab requiring human in vitro cardiomyocyte experiments (EV studies, electrophysiology, CM proliferation, etc). 

The facility works together with the Biofabrication lab (Prof. J. Malda) and the screening facility (Prof. J. Beekman) allowing the use of novel engineering technologies to generate more advanced tissues and models and moving towards higher content and throughput disease model screening.

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iPSC Culture

  • iPSC generation
  • >20 healthy control iPSC lines available, and various patient-derived lines
  • QC by karyotyping (WKZ), dPCR (Stem genomics) for genetic abnormality testing, Taqman Sendai for gg-SeV

iPSC differentiations

  • Cardiomyocytes
  • B27, Heparin, and expansion protocols
  • Cardiac fibroblasts
  • Endothelial cells
  • Cardiac progenitors
  • Monocytes / macrophages

In-house developed technologies

  • 3D printed tissue engineered constructs
  • Cardiac organoids
  • Physiological models
  • EHTs
  • Multi-cell and multi-organ models
  • Preservation protocols
  • Maturation protocols
  • Functional readouts (calcium imaging, contraction analysis)
  • CrispR/Cas and Prime gene-editing


  • Two phase contrast microscopes with heated stage for live cell imaging
  • Cytosmart OMNI with contractility analysis software
  • EVOS imaging system
  • Countess with DAPI, green and red fluorescent LED light cubes
  • TissUse HUMIMIC control unit for multi-organ-on-a-chips


  • ML-1 downscaling for Sendai-reprogrammed iPSC

People Involved uitklapper, klik om te openen

    • Dr. Alain van Mil
    • Ing. Inge Dokter
    • Renee Maas
    • Nino Chirico
    • Jiabin Qin
    • Dr. Francesca Stillitano
    • Prof. Joost Sluijter

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Dr. Alain van Mil

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