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Research nieuws

'Working in healthcare is a team sport'

Portrait picture of Ronald de Krijger.

Ronald de Krijger, Professor of Pathology of Solid Childhood Tumours delivered his inaugural address at the Academy Building of Utrecht University on 4 July. His message: 'In connection, developments within pathology allow us to further improve care for children with cancer.'

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The true age of your blood vessels reveals the risk of further cardiovascular diseases

Researcher does lab research.

We all have that one friend who never seems to age. But did you know this phenomenon is visible not only on the outside but also deep within our blood vessels? This biological ageing caught the attention of Ernest Diez Benavente, PhD, from the Department of Experimental Cardiology at UMC Utrecht. His new research shows that the biological age of our blood vessels plays a significant role in the development of future cardiovascular diseases.

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Patricia Bruijning-Verhagen appointed professor of vaccination and infection control epidemiology

Portrait picture of Patricia Bruijning, professor of vaccination and infection control epidemiology

Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht have announced the appointment of Patricia Bruijning-Verhagen as professor of vaccination and infection control epidemiology, effective June 1, 2024. This position will enable Patricia to continue her work in designing and evaluating optimal infection prevention policies through vaccination and other innovative strategies. Her appointment comes at a crucial time, as the world faces the dual challenge of emerging infectious diseases and an expanding portfolio of vaccines.

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Kidney tumors in children: specific diagnosis with MRI

Researcher Justine van der Beek with her publication in front of the WKZ.

Justine van der Beek researched how different types of kidney tumors can be distinguished using MRI scans.

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World-class collaboration receives €37.5 million for regenerative medicine using smart materials

Researcher with a pincet and test tube.

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Study of new treatment for severe influenza pneumonia

Van elke vijf patiënten die met ernstige longontsteking door influenza op de intensive care (IC) worden opgenomen, overlijdt er gemiddeld één. Om dit relatief hoge risico op overlijden te verlagen, gaan Nederlandse onderzoekers onder leiding van UMC Utrecht geneesmiddelen die eerder succesvol waren bij de behandeling van patiënten met ernstige Covid-19 op de IC terecht kwamen, nu ook onderzoeken bij IC-patiënten met ernstige longontsteking door influenza. ZonMw heeft voor deze studie een subsidie van ruim € 2.1 miljoen beschikbaar gesteld.

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Sabine Fuchs appointed professor

Portrait picture of Sabine Fuchs, professor of Metabolic diseases and innovative therapies at the UMC Utrecht.

How do we improve care for patients with rare diseases for which there are currently no treatments? This question is central to the work of pediatrician Sabine Fuchs. She has been appointed professor of Metabolic diseases and innovative therapies at the UMC Utrecht as of April 15, 2024. ‘I want to make these types of diseases treatable by also focusing on the other organs.’

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Grant for research teams UMC Utrecht from ZonMw Open Competition

Researcher in a lab.

Five research teams of the UMC Utrecht receive a grant for projects in the framework of the ZonMw Open Competition. With this funding, the research teams can develop innovative team science initiatives that contribute to innovation within fundamental (bio)medical science and long-term health care. Within all projects, the research teams collaborate with other knowledge institutions. A total of 29 projects were honored for an amount of 23 million euros.

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UMC Utrecht and Philips speed up development of image-guided treatments

UMC Utrecht and Philips are bringing together healthcare professionals, researchers and technicians in a 'fieldlab'. Here, they will develop new innovative technology and software to benefit healthcare. The goal is to devise less burdensome and more efficient treatments for patients, while at the same time realizing a more sustainable healthcare system.

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New study speeds up radiation therapy

Nurses preparing a patient for treatment in the MR-Linac

A targeted radiation therapy that lasts only 15 minutes, instead of 45 minutes. Plus: an even more precise, real-time treatment of the tumor. These are the two goals of a new study by UMC Utrecht to further innovate the MR-Linac. NWO has granted 1.7 million euros to this research project.

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