UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences

UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences

Research center

The UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences (CIS) is a research center that focuses on innovations in imaging technology and image-guided therapeutic interventions. The center is part of the UMC Utrecht Imaging Division and comprises all research activities of the departments of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy.

Core activities

The UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences (CIS) is a worldwide, leading center for translational medical imaging and image analysis for personalized image-guided diagnosis and therapy. The center focuses on medical imaging (diagnosis, tissue characteristics, prognosis, therapy prediction and monitoring), image-guided therapy and non-invasive studies to image and monitor regenerative medicine applications. Core competences of the center are image-guided oncologic interventions (MRI-guided radiotherapy and brachytherapy, MRI-guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) ablation and drug delivery, radio-embolization and pharmacotherapy). Al activities in the center are directly related to the three main tasks of the University Medical Center Utrecht:

  • patient care
  • innovative research
  • education

Medical equipment

The center provides access to:

  • State of the art clinical imaging platforms, including 13 MRI systems for diagnosis, therapy planning and research (ranging from 0.5 to 7.0T)
  • MRI-guided high intensity focused ultrasound therapy (HIFU) for cancer treatment and local drug delivery
  • MRI-guided radiotherapy for cancer treatment using three integrated MR-linear accelerator platforms as well as MRI-guided brachytherapy
  • Image-guided treatment of metastasis in the liver bases based by radio-embolization using Holmium containing microspheres
  • State of the art clinical CT, PET-CT, SPECT-CT and 3D-ultrasound platforms
  • Preclinical Image platforms (small bore MRI, 4.7 and 9.4T)


Currently, approximately 140 PhD students are involved in the basic and clinical science activities of the center, comprising mathematicians, physicist, chemists, biologists, medical technologists, clinical scientists and physicians. The center collaborates with several private partners (Philips Healthcare, Elekta) and  small/medium enterprises, some of which are spinoffs of the research activities of the center (Quirem Medical, MRcoils BV).

Research programs

Societal Relevance


There are several departments within the UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences who have their own external website. Those websites are named in the links below.

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