Small Animal Research Facility

Small Animal Research Facility

The Circulatory Health Small Animal Research Facility is dedicated to both fundamental and early stage translational research. We have vast experience with, but are not exclusive to, different mouse models of cardiovascular disease.

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The Circulatory Health Research Facility for small animal experimentation provides state-of-the-art high frequency ultrasound imaging, echo guided injection, Laser Doppler, ex vivo heart perfusion systems and several surgery working stations. It is located within the Central Laboratory Animal Research Facility and operated by highly experienced researchers and biotechnical support.

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The Circulatory Health Small Animal Research Facility is equipped with a Visualsonics Vevo3100 4D high frequency ultrasound, allowing imaging in 3D and 4D, echo guided injections, Power Doppler, and Tissue Doppler measurements. The AD instrument Mouse working Heart System allows Langendorff perfusion and working heart mode with cardiac pacing and enables, amongst others, the measurement of cardiac pressures. The lab is equipped with several surgery stations with rodent ventilation systems and microscopes, of which one can be equipped with a camera, which makes it an ideal setting for training purposes.

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